The WayWatch

A Talisman for the Modern Traveler

The compass is more than just a navigational tool, it is an intuitive instrument that reminds us that we are free to choose our own direction at any time as we travel through life. Finding one’s own True North becomes as much a journey of moral conscience as it does an exercise in geographic location. The WayWatch both in concept and design, is conceived less as a technical tool and more as symbol of a commitment to personal exploration and a talisman of exchange between fellow travelers. The WayWatch finds its inspiration in the belief that COMPASSion creates Freedom in All Directions and that every individual deserves certain inalienable rights that provide the essential support necessary to choose one’s own path.

The WayWatch, a project by Salt Mine Projects, is a carefully curated collection of vintage compasses to be given as gift to friends, colleagues and fellow nomads.

Concept Team: Batia Zumwalt, Fred Brodmann, Sean Baker and Damon Brandt

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