George Grosz: Politics and His Influence

David Nolan Gallery, New York City


Politics becomes a common obsession when the stakes reach a moment of true moral crisis. We, as a deeply divided country, are undeniably knee deep in a complex and stress-inducing period of national identity. Artists have always been a vibrant part of conceptually defining this anxiety which is why George Grosz - Politics and His Influence is such a timely exhibition. I am proud to be small part of its successful realization at the David Nolan Gallery.

By his own count, David Nolan has imagined, assembled, and installed well over 200 shows at his various New York City gallery locations over the last 30 years. I have known him for almost as long and have made a point of seeing as many of these groundbreaking and always thought-provoking forays into the minds of artists that deserve our attention. 

David has also built a well deserved reputation as a connoisseur and convincing advocate of historically significant works on paper, with a particular focus on Germany. It is within the pursuit of this pedigree that he has a developed a special relationship with the George Grosz Estate and brought to his gallery,  a museum quality collection of works on paper from the estate which in turn, served as a linchpin for the show.   

It was in the early days of July 2016, with the exhibition well underway that I embedded myself in the creative process of both David and his talented director, Maureen Bray, first by resourcing some important works for the exhibition and then by accepting the invitation to participate in the installation of this demanding and often divergent group of artists. 

It was equal parts pure pleasure and an education working with David and his talented staff.